Newborn Photography Guide

Natural Light Newborn Studio Photography in Kearny, New Jersey

Natural Light Newborn Studio Photography in Kearny, New Jersey

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

Newborn Photography sessions are my passion and joy! Those sweet, brand new tiny humans are my favorite subjects, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to capture this wonderful moment in your life.

My newborn photography studio is located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and I have created an atmosphere of comfort for your whole family. I have a changing table, sofa and all the comfort of home for you here. If you are bringing little ones with you, there are toys available here for them to play with. There is also a playground around the corner that your little ones can go play at after the family part of the session is done. My goal is to make the experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for the entire family, including your brand new baby and any other children that will be a part of the session.

I’m elated that you’ve chose me to capture these memories, and I can’t wait to capture your piece of forever.

With lots of love,

Marina Roque


Newborn Studio Address:

218 Stuyvesant Ave

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

My studio is located on the second floor, Suite #3

Phone Number:


Feel free to call or text!


When you arrive there is plenty of street parking available and it is not metered, so no need to bring quarters. My studio is located on the second floor of 218 Stuyvesant Ave.

In this welcome packet, you will find tips and information for our newborn photography session that I’ve found usually work but ultimately you know what is best for your family. I want you to listen to your instincts and I will go with the flow. 

newborn baby's toes taken by a professional newborn photographer in kearny, new jersey

Newborn Photography Session Checklist

Breastfeeding Moms: Please follow any advice your doctor has given you. You do not have to hold off feeding baby until you get here, if baby wants to eat right before you leave for your session, that is okay. Also if baby wants to eat at any point during our session, we will stop for a feeding. A full baby will typically produce a sleepy baby.

Formula babies: Please be prepared with several portions of formula. Babies will often eat more than usual during their newborn photography session.

Pacifiers: Even if your baby is not typically a binky-baby, sometimes a pacifier can be the difference between a 2 hour session or a 4 hour session. Please bring one just incase we need to use it.

Props: I have a ton of props here at the newborn photography studio. Please don’t feel the need to bring anything to the session. You are of course welcomed to bring one or two sentimental items, if desired.

Clothing: It will be very warm in the studio so please dress appropriately. For family photos, bring simple clothing in a neutral color. Please avoid patterns or characters on clothing.

Baby: If possible, please bring baby in a zip up or button up PJ without a onesie underneath. It's the easiest way to change their clothing without waking them if they are sleeping from the car ride.

Hands: Your hands will be visible in parent shots. Please have nails clean and trimmed.

Siblings: Siblings are very welcomed. I love capturing the beginning of a life long relationship, these are the photographs that will be cherished forever by the whole family. Please look at the sibling section for more information.

Things To Know

Hot Hot Hot: It will be very warm in the studio. Babies are most comfortable in a warm space. Lots of baby’s skin will be exposed so it’s important that I keep the studio warm so they are comfortable.

Safety is key: I will NEVER put your sweet baby’s safety at risk. Any and all poses attempted are well practiced and baby’s well being is kept at first priority at all times.

Poses: Please keep in mind that not all babies will cooperate or do all the different poses. Trust that I will attempt what you like but your baby will be the boss, if I feel he/she is uncomfortable, I will move on to the next pose.

Time: The session will be anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how cooperative baby is that day. This leaves room for changing, feeding and soothing breaks.

Stress-free: Your baby will cry, poop, pee, spit up and all the glamorous things baby’s tend to do. Do not worry about it, I am very used to it and all my blankets and fabric are washed with free and clear detergent. Do not worry if siblings make a mess, they are kids, that what they do and I am used to that too!

newborn baby girl with her older brother

Newborn Photography Sibling Information

I love capturing sibling shots! There’s something so beautiful about siblings and their love for each other.

For young children it can be quite hard to sit still and listen to directions. Instead of forcing them to take photographs, I like to let them be in charge. When they are ready and curious about taking pictures, that is when we can capture the best images.

For younger children, I recommend bringing a special treat or reward for good behavior. You know your child best, some parents bring a small treat or a special toy.

More tips:

Some families choose to bring 2 cars and after family and sibling shots are done, one adult takes the older sibling/s home or to the park.

If you are a parent coming with your kids solo, feel free to invite grandma or an another adult to come help you. 


What To Wear To Your Newborn Photography Session

professional newborn photography of parents with their newborn baby in kearny, new jersey
professional photos of a beautiful couple smiling at their newborn baby girl in kearny new jersey
newborn photography of mom and her baby girl in kearny new jersey
newborn photography of parents with their newborn baby boy in kearny, new jersey
dreamy photograph of mother with her new baby taken by a newborn photographer in new jersey
newborn photography in new jersey of a new dad and his newborn baby girl

One of the questions I get asked the most is what to wear for the family part of the newborn photography session. But the secret is that the clothing do not really matter that much so you do not have to overthink it. What you’re most going to notice is the connection between parent and baby and that emotion is going to shine through. Below is my advice on what to wear.

1. Keep it simple! We want to see you and the baby. Loud colors or patterns are going to be a distraction in the photograph. 

2. Neutral Colors really do work best! A bright color is beautiful BUT your baby is so much more beautiful! I want you and your baby to be the main focus of the image and a bright color can take attention away. A neutral color will add softness and a lightness to an image. I recommend shades of white, cream, grays and soft pastel colors.

3. Skin to skin is good for photography too! A strapless shirts or dress, a tank top looks beautiful too. Taking away fabric from the image insures that the baby is the focus. (A strapless bra is useful but you might not have one if your nursing. No worries, we can always pull down and tuck in any straps). T-shirts look great on camera too. A neutral colored t-shirt or tank top can be an easy choice if you are still unsure.

4. Another option and one of my favorite is, fabric for moms! I have fabric here in the studio. We wrap fabric around mom’s torso and it will look like a beautiful strapless dress or we wrap the fabric around mom and baby. At the end of my newborn photography sessions, I always ask the moms if they are interested in doing one of these photographs and they always turn out beautiful. There's such a special connection between the mother and the baby and it just shines through in these photographs. (examples below)

beautiful newborn photography of a mom kissing her baby in kearny new jersey
fine art newborn photography of a mother and her newborn baby girl taken in kearny new jersey
fine art newborn photography of a mama with her baby in kearny new jersey

Thank You!

Thank you for reading my Newborn Photography Welcome Guide, I am honored to be your newborn photographer. Please remember that these are guidelines not rules! Ultimately you know what's best for your family. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I am so looking forward to our newborn shoot and capturing beautiful memories for your family.

newborn photography of baby girl with a flower headband in kearny new jersey