My New Newborn Photography Studio In Lyndhurst, NJ!

I am so very excited to officially announce my new newborn phtoography studio!!!!!

I have moved out of my home studio and into a beautiful retail space in Lyndhurst,NJ! It’s so much bigger than my old space and I am so excited and inspired to create beautiful photographs of families and their sweet little newborn babies. 👶🏻♥️📷

I want to take a moment and say thank you to a some people who have helped make this dream a reality. First my husband, Tony D Roque who is my very best friend but also an equal partner in parenting our little baby and who never complains when I say "you know what would be a good idea....". Thank you to Cila Santos and Honorio Ferreira, my mom and dad. I was once their little newborn baby and they've been by my side ever since. Thank you for the countless hours you have watched Philip so that I could build my business. It wouldn't be possible without you. I want to say thank you to all my clients. In 2017, after having my own baby, I photographed only 3 little newborn babies and in 2018, I have photographed 44 families. I am so grateful that you’ve chosen me to capture these memories, and I hope you treasure your images forever. I can't wait to see what 2019 brings! And lastly, I want to thank my Philip, who sparked what is To The Moon Portraits, you were my first client! You amaze and inspire me everyday. Mommy loves you to the moon and back! - Marina ❤️