How to prepare for your in home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Guide - New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Baby Oliver relaxing on his sofa in his New Jersey home

Baby Oliver relaxing on his sofa in his New Jersey home

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

Newborn Photography sessions are my passion and joy! Those sweet, brand new tiny humans are my favorite subjects, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to capture this wonderful moment in your life.

I love in home lifestyle newborn photography sessions. I love capturing baby’s first days at home, because when you are at home, every photograph comes out so intimate and full of love for your new baby and you’ll love looking back at these photographs in years to come.

I’ve create this guide to help you prepare your home and your family for our photoshoot. It is filled with advice that I have found works but ultimately, these photographs are for you and your family and I want you to choose outfits that fit your family’s personality so feel free to ignore my advice! There are no rules when to feed the baby, I want you to stick to your “normal” schedule as much as possible and if baby needs to feed (once, twice, three times) in the middle of our photoshoot, I will gladly wait. I want you and your family to be stress-free and enjoy your baby while I am there so that we capture authentic and organic moments of your family.

I’m elated that you’ve chose me to capture these memories, and I can’t wait to capture your piece of forever.

With lots of love,

Marina Roque


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Of course, we can never really know when baby will arrive. For this reason, your first payment reserves your spot for your newborn session for the weeks around your due date. Once your baby is here, you contact me and we pick a date for me to come to your home.

Preparing your home

  1. Lights, Camera, Action! - Sun light is very important to our session. I ask that you please raise all the blinds in the rooms we will be photographing in to let in as much sunlight as possible.

  2. Rooms - I typically photograph in the nursery, your bedroom, older siblings bedroom and living room. Of course, since every family and home is different, this does change.

  3. Cleaning - You don’t have to clean the whole house but you should tidy up a bit. I know, from experience, that having a new baby at home turns your life upside down. This is why I list the rooms, I typically photograph in above. It does help to tidy up a bit in those rooms. My advice is to look at each room and ask yourself, do I want that item in the photograph, if not, either toss it or hide it in the basement (that’s definitely not what I do lol)

Family of 3 turns into family of 4, beautiful family during their newborn lifestyle photography session in their new jersey home.

Family of 3 turns into family of 4, beautiful family during their newborn lifestyle photography session in their new jersey home.

What to wear during your newborn lifestyle photography session

1. Keep it simple! We want to see you and the baby. Loud colors or patterns are going to be a distraction in the photograph. 

2. Neutral Colors really do work best! A bright color is beautiful BUT your baby is so much more beautiful! I want you and your baby to be the main focus of the image and a bright color can take attention away. A neutral color will add softness and a lightness to an image. I recommend shades of white, cream, grays and soft pastel colors.

3. Skin to skin is good for photography too! Tank tops, strapless shirts all work great for lifestyle sessions. A neutral colored t-shirt or tank top can be an easy choice if you are still unsure.

4. Another option is a fashionable robe or stylish pajamas, they can look great in a lifestyle session. It really enhances that home life aspect of the photoshoot.

5. You can really wear anything you want for your in-home session, I recommend looking through my website or Pinterest for inspiration if you are still unsure on what to wear.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading my Newborn Lifestyle Photography Welcome Guide, I am honored to be your newborn photographer. Please remember that these are guidelines not rules! Ultimately you know what's best for your family. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I am so looking forward to our newborn shoot and capturing beautiful memories for your family.