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100 Days Milestone Photography - Sitter (6-8 Months) Milestone Photography

3 month old baby photography of a baby sleeping
3 month old newborn photography of a hand
3 month old photograph of a baby sleeping
100 day milestone photography in new jersey with baby and mother
100 days old baby photography of 3 month old newborn
100 milestone photography of baby girl
sitter milestone photography in new jersey of 6 month old baby girl
six month old baby girl holding a flower in kearny new jersey
sitter milestone photograph of a baby girl in new jersey
6 month old baby girl photography in rutherford new jersey

100 Days Milestone Baby Photography is so much fun! Your baby is smiling, giggling, and looking right at you! I love dressing up your baby in adorable outfits and capturing these special moments for you and your family.

Sitter Milestone Baby Photography - Your baby can sit up! Now we can use the same baskets and buckets that I put them in at their newborn photography session for their sitter milestone photography session. It's amazing to see how much they have grown in these few months.

Take a look at my Babies Milestone Photography Pricing for more details and as always, contact me, if you have any questions. I am happy to answer them. -Marina, To The Moon Portraits Photographer